Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is the MOST powerful search engine, that caters to it’s users by providing relevance and the most efficient search results. We make sure that your web presence is the best it can possibly be by making sure Google knows what services you offer, what areas you cater to and why you are the best at what you do. Kradevo is best friends with Google and you can be too!

  • Amazing Search Engine Visibility
  • Dominate Your Areas And Beyond

PPC Marketing

Advertising your name on the web is very important. Think of it as putting your company on a billboard in a big city, it exposes you to MILLIONS! Our ad specialists and consultants will make sure your ads are performing at their best by monitoring and modifying them on a weekly basis. Google Ads is an auction and we promise to make you the SMARTEST bidder.

  • Creative Campaigns With A Positive ROI
  • Smart Bidding And Spending Strategies

Web Design & Development

Not only does your website represent your brand but it could be the first impression a consumer has on your business. Kradevo makes sure your website is user friendly across all platforms and is built to be a source of lead generation. From clean, modern designs to intelligent features, your website will be sure to leave a lasting impression!

  • Eye Catching Designs That Impress
  • Smart Layouts That Drive Conversions

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media team lives on all that is trending. Whether leveraging mom groups on Facebook to becoming a brand ambassador on Instagram, we have you covered. In order to be successful on these platforms you must be able to speak their algorithms and our experts consider them to a be a first language. Take our advice and you could go viral!

  • Personalized Content That Speaks Your Brand
  • Trending Tactics That Keep Audiences Engaged